Check out our extensive menu, there is something for everyone's taste buds:

Small plates, salads, mains, pizza, desserts, sides and our Sunday brunch menu - Enjoy!

*Please note Menu is subject to change*

Bread and Dips: Freshly baked pizza bread with homemade tzatziki and hummus (v)   $13.00
Roasted Garlic and Flaky Sea Salt Pizza Bread (v)   $ 9.00
Pesto and Parmesan Pizza Bread (v)   $ 9.00
Onion Jam Pizza Bread (v)   $ 9.00


Chilli Beef Nachos:  With guacamole and sour cream (g)   $13.00
Crunchy Coated Chicken Nibbles: Smothered in a buttery sweet chilli sauce.   $13.00
BBQ Pork Spare Ribs: With fries (g) Small $14.00  Large $26.00
Wedges: Topped with bacon, cheese and sour cream.    $13.00
Bacon Wrapped Scallops (g)   $14.00
Pork Belly Bites: Twice cooked with apple sauce (g)   $14.00
Risotto Balls: Stuffed with chorizo and feta, served with a pear puree.   $14.00
Creamy Seafood Chowder: Cooked with diced carrots, celery and onions, served with garlic bread   $17.00
Crumbed Halloumi: Served with hummus and garlic sauce (v)   $14.00
Slider Selection: Mini hawaiian, blue cheese angus, falafel and beef bacon & cheese burgers             $20.00
Tasting Platter for 2: BBQ ribs, risotto balls, pork belly bites and chicken nibbles.   $26.00


Fish & Chips: Fresh tarakihi served with salad and tartare sauce (pan fried option available)   $24.00
Crispy Fried Squid: Lightly coated in rice flour, fried with garlic, served with fresh salad and chilli, lime and coriander salsa (g)   $20.00
Cajun Smoked Chicken Salad: With avocado, crispy noodles, cashews, red onion, cucumber, lettuce and tomato, topped with cajun aioli dressing (g)   $22.00
Lamb Hind Shank: In a hoisin red wine and mint jus, served with garlic mash and seasonal vegetables (g)   $25.00
Chicken Marsala: Marinated chicken thighs served with garlic mash, seasonal vegetables and topped with a creamy mushroom and bacon marsala sauce (g)   $26.00
Crispy Skin Pork Belly:  Served with apple sauce, garlic mash and seasonal vegetables (g)   $26.00
Satay Beef Salad: With crispy noodles, cashews, red onion, cucumber, lettuce and tomato, topped with satay dressing (g)                  $22.00
Mediterranean Lamb Rump Skewers: Served with pita bread, homemade tzatziki and greek salad   $26.00


BURGERS - served with chunky steak fries   
Falafel Burger: With roast capsicum, red onion, lettuce, tomato, sweet chilli sauce and aioli (v) $19.00
Lamb Burger: Pattie with streaky bacon, egg, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and relish $22.00
Scotch Burger: With onion rings, swiss cheese, red onion, lettuce, tomato, BBQ sauce and aioli $22.00
Hawaiian Burger: Angus beef pattie with pineapple, streaky bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and aioli   $22.00
Chicken Bacon & Avocado Burger: With lettuce, tomato and aioli   $22.00
Blue Cheese Burger: Angus beef pattie with blue cheese, pear slices, lettuce, tomato and aioli   $22.00
Beef Bacon & Cheese Burger: Angus beef pattie with streaky bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and aoili Single

Plain Sirloin: 250gram served with chunky steak fries and salad (g) $25.00
Scotch Fillet: 220gram served with chunky steak fries and salad (g) $26.00
Steak, Eggs & Chips: 250gram sirloin served with salad (g) $27.00
Peppered Sirloin: 250gram served with garlic mash, seasonal vegetables and pepper brandy butter (g) $28.00
Mushroom Scotch Fillet: 220gram served with garlic mash and seasonal vegetables, topped with a creamy bacon and mushroom sauce (g) $28.00
Surf & Turf Eye Fillet: 200gram with scallops, bacon and king prawns, served with garlic mash and seasonal vegetables (g) $32.00


Beef Lasagne: Topped with mushrooms and mozzarella. $22.00
Vegetable Penne Pasta: With mushrooms, capsicum, spinach, olives and parmesan in a creamy neapolitan sauce (v) $22.00
Smoked Chicken Penne Pasta: With bacon, sun dried tomato and red onion in a pesto cream sauce. $24.00

Chunky Steak Fries with aioli Small
Onion Rings with BBQ sauce    $8.00
Mash and Gravy   $5.00
Garden Salad   $5.00
Seasonal Vegetables   $5.00
Extra Aioli, Tzatziki, BBQ or Sweet Chilli Sauce   $1.00


*Pizza's are not available for lunch on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (12-3)*

50/50 - Large $30.00

Carnivore: Chorizo, beef, salami, pepperoni, red onion, tomato and streaky bacon, topped with BBQ sauce $23.00 $28.00
Fungi: Roasted field and button mushrooms, roasted garlic cloves, blue cheese, moroccan spiced potatoes and pine nuts, topped with a herbed cream (v) $23.00 $28.00
CCB: Smoked chicken, spring onion and brie, topped with cranberry sauce $23.00 $28.00
Hawaiian: Ham, cheese and pineapple $23.00 $28.00
Greek: Marinated lamb rump, red onion, fresh tomato and feta, topped with traditional tzatziki $23.00 $28.00
Tandoori: Marinated chunks of tandoori chicken breast with red onion and cashew nuts, topped with roast peach chutney, banana and desiccated coconut $23.00 $28.00
Seaside: Scallops, king prawns, capsicum, sesame seeds, topped with thousand island dressing $23.00 $28.00
Quattro: Salami, ham, king prawns and mushrooms $23.00 $28.00
BBQ Chicken: Chicken breast, mushroom, capsicum, tomato, topped with BBQ sauce $23.00 $28.00

 KIDS MENU (12 years and under)   
Spaghetti Bolognaise $9.50
Mini Hotdogs and chips with tomato relish. $9.50
Chicken Tenders and chips with plum sauce. $9.50
Fish & Chips with tartare sauce. $9.50
Kids Pizza - choice of 3 toppings (ham, cheese, tomato, mushroom, smoked chicken, or pineapple). $9.50
Ice Cream Sundae with choice of choc, berry or caramel sauce. $6.00
Mini Chocolate Brownie with ice cream and hersheys sauce. $6.00

Cheesecake of the Day: Served with ice cream $11.00
Chocolate Brownie: Served with ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce $11.00
White Chocolate & Raspberry Ice Cream Sundae: With whipped cream, chopped nuts and berry sauce $11.00


Eggs Benedict: Your choice of salmon or bacon served with spinach and poached eggs on a toasted bap with hollandaise sauce (vegetarian option – mushroom or avocado). $16.00
Bacon and Eggs: Your choice of fried, poached or scrambled eggs with grilled bacon and toast. $12.00
Malthouse Grill:  Bacon, eggs, tomato, hash browns and mushrooms with toast. $17.00
Three Egg Omelette: With your choice of three fillings from ham, chicken, mushrooms, pineapple, tomato, bacon, cheese or avocado, served with toast and salad garnish. $15.00
Bacon (2 rashers) $4.00
Hash Browns $4.00
Mushrooms $3.50
Grilled Tomatoes $3.50